Wednesday, May 26, 2010

S is for Starting a Book

I’ve been neglectful with my blog. Not that anyone else cares, but still, I have been. I’d like to explain why.

I recently decided to turn an idea I’ve had for years into a book. So I started writing a book about a 20-something single man living in Utah. Sounds stupid, doesn’t it? Trust me, it’s only kind of stupid. A couple weeks later, while driving to work, I had an idea for a joke book. So then I started writing a joke book too. I’ve told a few people about it and they all agree it’s a really stupid idea. One stupid book idea + one stupid book idea = two stupid book ideas and an absolute waste of a sentence. Anyway, between the two books and writing my regular stand up material, I have become, as Bilbo Baggins so eloquently put it, “like butter scraped over too much bread.” And I need your help.

I’ve come to the realization that I probably need to just pick one of the two books and write until it is done, and then move on to the other book. But which book do I write first? Do I go with the joke book that won’t take nearly as long (hopefully only a few months)? Or do I go with the real book that will take years to do properly (especially with the schedule I have), but will be more fulfilling? Or should I scrap writing altogether and focus on ping pong? I mean, both book ideas are stupid . . .

Please give me your feedback. I know a lot of you email me your thoughts on my blog. You’re welcome to do that or post a comment. Either way, I could use some help deciding which route to go. That way I can spend more time on my true love, this blog.


Today’s Recommendation: I saw an edited version of Slumdog Millionaire this past weekend. I don’t know what exactly was taken out, but I thought it had one of the best film endings I have ever seen. If nothing else, I recommend you watch the end. And to understand the end, watch the rest of the film, too.


  1. My vote is for the more fulfilling real book. As long as you don't end up like the main character in "A Perfect Day", by Richard Paul Evans - and you'll have to read that book to see what I mean.

    And I vote that you keep doing your blog, even when you run out of letters. You can always start over, or do numbers, or something!

    I don't know if a joke book would be half as good as watching you do stand-up in real life. That is hard to beat!

  2. I don't know Gayln, but I'm with her! Most of us will want to read your thoughts and listen to your jokes rather than visa versa (which would be weird by the way!)

    Love the blog updates. I'm jealous of your A, B, C strategy. Emily and I are trying to blog more often (do you have our blog? but we're pretty random in what we post.

    Say hi to your family. Hope you're well.

  3. Ooh, tough call. I sometimes find that it's good to have more than one project going on because I can always work on the other one if I get stuck on the first. Then again, I don't make the most incredible progress all the time, so that might not be helpful.

  4. I'm in for the single guy novel. But if you decide to do the joker pamphlet I'd be happy to be one of the first to enjoy it. Maybe someday I'll be inspired enough to write a book about something non-essential to life's happiness and make millions and have a good time doing it.

    Let me know how it goes! Miss you my friend. Say "Hi" to the family for us!