Friday, January 8, 2010

F is for Five YouTube Links

(For those of you that told me my posts are too long, I would like to let you know that this post is 630 words shorter than my last. I sometimes forget the attention span of our generation, or lack thereof. And yes, there were a few who complained. Let’s move on.)

We live in a very weird age. Information is as readily available as oxygen. You can be informed about anything with the click of a button in a matter of seconds. And yet, we use that power in an odd way. We know lots of random stuff, but we often are uninformed about seemingly important things. For instance, if I asked the average person why many people question the legitimacy of the Federal Reserve, the following is a fairly likely response. “The federal what? Hey, did you hear Britney Spears kissed a buffalo on the mouth?” We are all very well informed, but only sort of.

I am merely using the Federal Reserve as an example. Everyone hates the IRS and thinks America has screwed up financially, but nobody looks into the institution behind it all. And yet we are all fully aware of a myriad of other things that have no real application in our lives. (By the way, I am not an exception to this. My wife is always claiming my mind is a trap preying on useless trivia. For instance, did you know clownfish can change gender? So can human clowns. I can give you thousands of useless tidbits about sports, music, and various other topics in pop culture, but I don’t even know how a mortgage works.)

I’m not about to change our culture. Somebody once told me that if you can’t change people’s behavior, do what they’re doing. I’m pretty sure the guy who told me that was an idiot. . . . Anyway, if you’re going spend your time looking for random stuff online, here are five links from YouTube I would like to pass along (Just cut and paste the links). After this post, you will be informed on musical wildlife, ways the government uses the color red, the limits of height, Ball State’s sports program, and ways to get rid of those pesky silver dollars you have laying around. Now that’s helpful information!

Ocean by John Butler:

Never mind the fact that Mr. Butler looks like he has spent a little too much time camping out in trees. This Australian knows how to grind his axe, and this song showcases that like no other. I saw him perform this piece a few years ago in a small club in downtown Salt Lake, and the version I saw was even more intense. Not bad for a man who looks like he’s part hippie and part squirrel.

Is The Government Spying On Schizophrenics Enough?:

Here is a wonderful use of irony. This clip (like most things you’ll get from “The Onion”) is downright irreverent, and frankly inappropriate. On a related note, I think this clip is as useful as other similar shows on real news broadcasts.

Vince Carter Olympic Dunk:

Never mind that certain elements of this clip serve as a microcosm for the arrogance and boisterousness of America. This is the all-time coolest dunk in basketball history. The defender is 7 feet 2 inches tall! If you disagree with me about it being the coolest dunk ever, that’s fine—I think your shirt is stupid. I kid, I kid. (Close second:

Boom Goes the Dynamite:

Brian Collins is my hero. If you watch this clip, and don’t think it is funny, invite me over to your house and have me watch it with you. I have never watched this clip without laughing myself to tears (and laughter is contagious).

Gordon Hinckley – Lessons I Learned as a Boy:

Now that we've insulted schizophrenics, exhibited poor foreign relations, and made light of Brian's most embarrassing moment, let's try to end this post on a virtuous note. This short video captures the essence of what makes charity so great. I’m just like the little kid in the story. I am often more inclined to do something juvenile than to look for ways to help others. And yet, every time I serve others, I am thankful for it. If charity were a sports highlight, it would earn the commentary “And boom goes the dynamite.”


Today’s recommendation: Go to the above links. But don’t feel pressured to pass them on to all your friends. Feel obligated.

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  1. Why does John Butler remind me of your homeless friend from the mission? I liked that piece though. Pretty amazing guitarist! Schmidt is to piano what Butler is to guitar (ACT question?) Wow-I've never heard of TheOnion-First time for me seeing "The DunK" too- I live in a sheltered world. How do you find these things????? Poor Brian! But you redeemed yourself with the last link!